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The Wiltshire Parish of Sherston lies within the Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and this guide is aimed at helping local residents and visitors alike to enjoy its countryside through a series of 10 circular walks. It also includes a fascinating introduction to the Parish, particularly its geology and early history, together with a trail around the village with its many fine and interesting buildings.

This guide has been produced by the Sherston Footpath Group set up by the Parish Council in 2008. Its remit is ‘to promote the use by all of the rights of way in the parish, ensuring they are in good condition and free from obstruction‘. We hope you find this website useful and the walks themselves as delightful as we do.
Walk Route Map

Walk One Walk Two Walk Three Walk Four Walk Five Walk Six Walk Seven Walk Eight Walk Nine Walk Ten Walk One: Brook End Ford Walk Four: Easton Grey Walk Five: Pinkney Walk Six: Willesley Walk Seven: The Cliff Walk Eight: Sopworth Walk Nine: Shallowbrook Lane Walk Ten: Luckington & Alderton Walk Two: Commonwood Lane Walk Three: Ladyswood
Click the Sherston Walk path on the map to view, download and collect details about your walk.