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Footpaths and the Law

The walks included in this guide all follow Public Rights of Way. As such you have full right to walk along them freely.
Footpaths are typically on private land, please respect this. You and any dog(s) are legally required to keep to the line of the path and not stray onto land on either side.
Please remember that the local area is farmland and it is not uncommon for you to come across horses or other livestock in fields. Dog owners are reminded that they have a legal responsibility to keep their dog under close control.
In fields where crops are growing, follow the footpath line wherever possible. Dogs must be kept on the footpath in fields where there are crops to avoid damage.


At all times you are expected to use your own judgement regarding personal safety before proceeding along any of the given routes.
Areas are often muddy, even in dry conditions and conditions can change suddenly. So please ensure that you wear appropriate footwear, with good grip and have warm waterproof clothing with you.
In a separate section in the pocket with the maps is an extract from the Countryside Code, which provides general advice on walking in the countryside.

Reporting Problems

Although the footpaths in this guide are all Public Rights of Way, you may occasionally encounter obstructions or consider an area to be unsafe. Should this occur, we would be grateful if you would report the nature and location of the obstruction or hazard, either to:

The Clerk
Sherston Parish Council
T: 01666 840351
or to:
The Public Rights of Way Officer
Wiltshire Council
T: 01225 756178